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GeoAwards -

Why GeoAwards?

Because this is how you can learn about geocaches in counties you are not that familiar with.

Did it ever happen to you that you found a beautiful cache but could not rate it with a favorite point? The geocache was interesting because of its design, location or absorbing puzzle. It simply left the righ emotion inside of you. GeoAwards is exactly for those, who want to tell the others what they like and present the best geocaches in every region.

The seal of GeoAwards will be in the listings of caches that made it to the TOP 10 of its region.

Pocket query of nominated caches is the summary of the best that is worth finding in Slovakia.

2010 – „GeoAwards 2010 – Bratislava“ (GC2F4GD) – GALA evening with attendance of 120 cachers and announcement of TOP caches in Bratislava region.
2014 – „Slovak GeoAwards 2014“ (GC4VVVV) – 1. Slovak MEGA event and announcement of TOP caches in Slovakia.

Do you know better caches than those that won the last time? Let the others know about them by giving them your vote in the section NOMINATIONS.

The seal GeoAwards is in the listings of caches that made it to the TOP 10 in their categories in 2014. Which ones will have it this year?