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MegaEvent -

Venue and surroundings

Megaevent will take place in Area Divoka voda where a water channel was built between 1995 and 1996 to enable sports and recreation in this area. The area meets the highest quality criteria of sports stadiums and races on European and world level can be organized here. It provides training options not just for professional whitewater slalom racers and rafters but also for amateurs. The channel has already hosted many important races including Whitewater Slalom World Cup in 1997 and 1999, Whitewater Slalom European Championships in 2010 and Whitewater Slalom World Championships in 2010.

Besides professional sporting, the area provides many recreational activities, not only watersports but also other outdoor activities such as volleyball, quads and paintball. A large children's playground is also available with experienced staff to take care of your children.

Area Divoka Voda was built as a part of Gabcikovo water project. Its main purpose is prevention of regular flooding of the area. It was originally planned in cooperation with Hungary; however after the withdrawal of Hungarian side it was altered and finished only on Slovak side of the border. It helped to recover the wetlands slowly loosing water at that time and according to monitoring the quality of water is also improving. The nature around Gabcikovo water project is full of life, it is used as rest area with beautiful nature of wetlands. You can get here not only by car, or by public transport but many people prefer also the water barrier used as a bicycle and rollerblade path stretching from Bratislava to Gabcikovo.

We hope you will find the area of Megaevent as charming as the others who had already visited the area.