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Tents & Trailers have a marked space on the grounds. Parking on the grounds is possible only for visitors with trailers and RVs. Place cannot be reserved in advance, so consider the time of your arrival. :-)

- The capacity of the tent city is around 200 – 220 tents, according to their size
- If interested, visitors are obliged to report at the hotel reception
- After paying the sum, a worker of „Divoká Voda“ will show you a place where you can build your tent or park your RV
- If intrested, visitors can order breakfast
- Showers, restrooms and electricity area avaliable

Camping - price list
Person 3 €
Tent 3 €
Car 3 €
Caravan 15 €
Breakfast 5 €


Bungalows can only be rented whole, disregarding the amount of people staying in one bungalow. Bungalows consist of one room with size of 3.75 x 3.75m and a small terrace. Bungalows are located in the close proximity of the hotel. Ideal for families.

- 2 bunk beds – 4 beds
- complete beds with bedsheets
- electricity
- heater
- drawer – storage space
- prices will be added