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Welcome to
the 2nd MEGA Geocaching Event in Slovakia page!

galavecer obrazok There are 6 months of votes, competitions and preparations ahead of us; and this will lead to the grand event Slovak GeoAwards 2016. The weekend will host a number of sport and adrenalin activities, competitions for kids, musical program, and a magnificent show Geoawards 2016!
Most importantly, we will get to know the best Slovak GEOCACHERS and play and learn GEOCACHING all the time!
Enter the poll of Slovak GeoAwards 2016 and vote in the section GEOAWARDS.
Check all the news and updates on our FACEBOOK and in the NEWS section.
TICKETS to the Slovak GeoAwards 2016 MEGA event you can buy in our E-SHOP, with always new and interesting items for GEOCACHING!
Bus and shuttle transport to Slovak Geoawards 2016 is here.
Areal map you can download here: MAP.
Complet program you can download here: PROGRAM.
Waiver for sports activities: you need to sign the waiver for sports activities at Divoka voda before the registration. Please complete the waiver form in advance, it will ensure the mega event runs smoothly. You can download the waiver form here: WAIVER.
The best finds are other geocachers!