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Lab caches

What are LAB caches?

LAB caches are special type of caches, that could contain inovations and test new ideas to make geocaching even better. Their first appearance in Europe was at special Mega event in Prague "Skorabky" on 15th of December 2013. Later on, in February 2014 Groundspeak tested ideas of cachers and every Premium cacher got a chance to create and place LAB cache as part of the project "I LOVE GEOCACHING". In May 2014 Groundspeak implemented LAB caches to the statistics in limited amounts.
Nowadays, it is possible to find LAB caches only during those Mega or Giga events that have received permission from Groundspeak to create these unique and rare type of caches. The LAB caches should replace those created specifically for Mega or Giga events and would not be maintained afterwards.

How to log them?

Details about LAB caches you can find be scann via provided QR code in picture above. You can fint it also in the registration tent on Slovak Geoawards 2016, where you get a printed newsletter to LAB caches. In URL is also an option to download GPX with all LAB caches from Friday 2nd september 2016 12:00AM till Saturday 3nd september 2016 12:00PM.

Basic facts about LAB caches:

  • Logging only by provided password.
  • Temporary type of caches with limited time of availability for finds and logs.
  • Listings (details) available on special pages that are accessible from mobile devices.
  • Possibility to download GPX with all LAB caches.
  • They ARE COUNTED to statistics, number of finds and to the finds on caches types.
  • However you cannot find them in the list of finds.
  • We will prepare 10 LABs for you, especially in area of Divoka voda in Cunovo. You can log all LABs online with the password. How to find them is specified in particular LAB cache description. Please don't seek for a physical logbook, there is none. We live in digital world now :-)