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GeoAwards Running Team

GeoAwards running team, that’s a group of determined geocachers ready to achieve the once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment and run 345 kilometers from Jasná (Low Tatras) to Bratislava in less than 32 hours. This group of people is responsible for 636 founded geocaches with more than 150.000 found logs and 4.750 favorite points.

Since January the whole team is training scrupulously, so it does not get surprised during the race. The total training distance of GeoAwards Running Team since beginning of 2016 is so far 1912 kilometers.

Total training distance (2016) : 537.5km
Until recently the integral part of Pressburg Hulvats team, currently caching under the individual nickname. More than 25 organized events, 35 placed containers, more than 400 favorite points.
Total training distance (2016) : 362.2km
Faster, tender half of the FTF-commando from Košice. Almost 4000 caches found, more than 330 FTF.
Total training distance (2016) : 331.5km
Owner of more than 70 geocaches, among other the most visited Slovak geocache with most favorite points. So far he has received more than 1000 favorite points on his caches.
Total training distance (2016) : 292.6km
Know-all from Bojnice, all type statistics guru. Founded more than 80 geocaches with more than 1100 favorite points. The winner of Best mystery category in Trenčín county on GeoAwards 2014.
Total training distance (2016) : 104.6km
Owner of 30 caches, mostly beautiful mysteries with perfect containers. More than 340 favorite points speak for itself. The winner of Breakthrough of the Year category on GeoAwards 2014.
Total training distance (2016) : 86.6km
Professional photographer. Author of just one geocache, but so far managed to collect more than 30 FPs.
Total training distance (2016) : 73.7km
Žilina region representative in our running team. Founded 10 own caches, so far more than 30 favorite points.
Total training distance (2016) : 48.9km
The captain of our running team, author of the legendary Stratený symbol (Lost symbol), absolute winner of GeoAwards 2014. Founded more than 40 caches, with more than 720 favorite points.
Total training distance (2016) : 45.3km
GeoAwards facebook page administrator. Votary of T5 a ice-cold water. More than 100 favorite points on 4 owned caches.
Total training distance (2016) : 24.0mi
Representative of Nitra county in our running team. Proud author of 3 own geocaches.
Total training distance (2016) : 4.4km
Member of the Slovak national orienteering running team. Organizer of great new-year touristic events, owner of more than 30 caches with more than 130 favorite points.
Total training distance (2016) : ---
Wherigo geocaches pioneer in Eastern Slovakia. More than 200 favorite points, winner of Best traditional category in Košice county on GeoAwards 2014.
Total training distance (2016) : 0km
More than 70 favorite points on 7 owned caches. GeoAwards organizer, e-shop operator and Publish! magazine publisher.
Total training distance (2016) : 0km
Enthusiastic tourist and photographer. More than 20 owned geocaches, mostly as part of great series “Komjatským chotárom”.
Technical support (drivers): (šoféri)
Their majesties, Slovak geo-celebrities. More than 150 FP on their caches. The whole concept of Geocaching Running Team was actually Filip’s idea.
Technical support (drivers): (šoféri)
Municipal councilor, activist, bio-courier. More than 200 favorite points on his caches, still 0 Found caches on his account. Simply an anti-point-hunter…
Technical support (drivers): (šoféri)
One of the founding members of geocaching civic association OZ GeoGuru. Founded 50 geocaches, with more than 160 favorite points.